‘5G-Ready’ Online Sprinting
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25 June

Sprint, a U.S.-based mobile network in collaboration with an Internet-of-Things (IoT) Blockchain platform developer NXM Labs, is to launch a 5G-Ready Connected Car Platform that will give passengers instant access to high-speed Wi-Fi.

The platforms will have the first anti-hack security system powered by an IoT blockchain. In this instance, IoT is a system that connects physical devices allowing them to share data with each other creating the possibility to integrate the physical world with computer-based systems.

A powerful automotive router gives both drivers and passengers the ability to stay connected to the web and keep track of the vehicle's location and performance. There will also be an extensive array of features to choose from such as the collision detectors and smart parental controls. The platform will be powered by the Sprint LTE network that will see a substantial speed increase in 2019 when the Sprint 5G service kicks into action.

by Henry Addams

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