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24 June

The department of computer science at Stanford University is set to establish a Center for Blockchain Research that aims to boost interest towards this new field of study.

The center already has research plans that are based on the technical aspects of cryptocurrencies and blockchains that will support the thriving ecosystem of projects. Also, a course was developed that covers “all aspects of cryptocurrencies, including distributed consensus, blockchains, smart contracts and applications”. Case studies on bitcoin and ethereum will also be included in the curriculum. Lectures include such topics as “Bitcoin's protocols”, “Bitcoin mining mechanics”, “Anonymity, traceability & mixing” and many more.

The co-directors of the center are computer science professors Dan Boneh and David Mazières, who claims “The center's primary mission is to support the thriving ecosystem by developing new technologies needed to advance the field.” This they plan to achieve together with a great ensemble of professors from different fields and through aid from some of the biggest blockchain organizations: The Ethereum Foundation, Protocol Labs, the Interchain Foundation, OmiseGO, DFINITY Stiftung and PolyChain Capital.

Earlier, a startup behind one of the largest cryptocurrency by capitalization - Ripple (XRP/USD) has committed to donating $50 million to 17 leading universities to boost academic blockchain research.

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