EOS Freeze Wallets
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June 23, 2018

EOS has once again managed to attract attention, this time because of its governing choices. EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF) has frozen 27 accounts which it suspects of foul play.

Almost a year ago, the EOS launched its ICO and raised an all-time record of $4bn. Ever since its launch the platform hasn’t been able to conduct its business without drawing unwanted attention. Two days after the mainnet launch, the system went offline for 5 hours and that’s after weeks of delaying the blockchain launch and a complicated voting procedure proceeding it. Nevertheless, EOS is still rated as one of the top cryptocurrencies.

A document issued by Emergency Measure of Protection Order (ECAF) has ordered EOS block producers, to ”refuse to process transactions for 27 accounts and keys indefinitely”. Soon a follow-up explanation order was issued providing a logical reasoning, claiming that there was not enough evidence of ownership for the accounts to carry on functioning.

EOS Freeze Wallets

This decision has raised a debate among the community regarding how the blockchain is being governed. Those against the account freezing keep to the opinion that no human interference should occur in the ledger process, otherwise the whole point of the technology is meaningless. Others believe that this was a necessary step to keep the accounts of users safe.

Insider.Pro earlier reported on the difficult launch procedure of EOS mainnet.

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