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20 June

Skycoin blockchain platform has stated that EVOLAB, a Chinese marketing team it associated with, has stolen around 100,000 skycoins during the past six months. Skycoin also said that it now has terminated the partnership and froze all accounts that contain the stolen digital currency.

The founder of skycoin - Synth also claims that the theft was discovered, a group of nine EVOLAB employees has broken into his apartment and held him and his wife hostage for around six hours. The robbers managed to steal some “18.88 bitcoin and 6466 skycoins” but were ultimately after skycoins design framework according to the statement.

Earlier, another controversy surrounding skycoin has been brought to light as its founder has allegedly revealed that some of the platform administrators have been involved in insider trading. Although this information was not officially confirmed, altcoins' price fell below the $9 mark, while a week ago its price exceeded $15.

Skycoin describes itself as "the most advanced blockchain platform in the world". However, the representatives of the crypto community recall that there have always been fears and rumors about fraud around the project.

By Ekaterina Ulyanova

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