Samsung Reveals Blockchain Logistics Platform
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Samsung introduced Cello Square 3.0, a new logistics blockchain based platform. The project was developed by Samsung SDS, a subsidiary of the South Korean giant, according to a press release.

CelloSquare 3.0 is an innovative logistics platform that integrates the global logistics technologies of Samsung SDS, the blockchain and artificial intelligence.

"Global e-commerce merchants can reduce delivery time and costs using the best delivery methods and events that CelloSquare 3.0 automatically selects," the release said.

The new platform has a number of advantages due to the use of blockchain. CelloSquare 3.0 applies technology to prove the origin of the international cargo. The distributed ledger technology eliminates the possibility of changing data, which increases the reliability of the supplied product. Another advantage is that the buyer can easily check the information on the product, such as the exporting country, and the name of the exporting and importing company.

“We will provide services to global e-commerce sellers with CelloSquare 3.0, which combines cutting-edge IT with Samsung SDS global logistics operation experience,” Kim Hyung-tae, vice president of the logistics business division of Samsung SDS commented.

In addition, CelloSquare 3.0 significantly improves convenience by providing a mobile tracking service. It allows end users to view information about the order, and the status of delivery on your mobile phone in real time.

Logistics is one of the most promising areas for the application of blockchain technology. In June, DHL, the global leader in delivery and logistics, has entered into a partnership agreement with the TradelX blockchain platform. According to the DHL leaders, blockchain technology will help automate the company's work and reduce the likelihood of errors.

In May, FedEx, one of the main competitors of DHL, announced that the blockchain is the "next frontier" that global suppliers must overcome.

By Ekaterina Ulyanova

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