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20 June

Circle, a global crypto finance company, has introduced a new Circle Asset Framework and Asset Listing Form, which details what steps should be taken in order to obtain a listing on the platform.

There is five main criteria Circle is using when choosing new assets for listing:

  • FUNDAMENTALS: review if the project is lining up with the main precepts of the crypto world.
  • TECHNOLOGY: check if the project utilizes solid innovation in the acknowledgment of its objectives.
  • PEOPLE: evaluate the team and capability of it.
  • BUSINESS MODEL: review if the project makes a genuine incentive for a substantial amount of end clients, if this is a winner project or not.
  • MARKET DYNAMICS: focusing on pointers of adequate liquidity, market interest.

Asset Listing Form, on the other hand, is a detailed questionnaire to be completed by projects and submitted to Circle. Based on the answers Circle will review the projects according to its framework criteria. According to the guide, all projects must be legal above all else and since Circle made it clear that its aware of crypto world’s quick shifting sands, each project will be reviewed individually.

Due to this case-by-case approach even forks, swaps and airdrops can be listed as long as they fit the guidelines. The Circle has the right to delist any project which doesn’t meet their standards.

By Nadya Astam

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