Mine Worm Infects Amazon TV
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A specific type of malware tool which secretly mines cryptocurrency on user devices has been discovered infecting Amazon Fire TV’s and Fire TV Sticks. Operating System of these devices is based on Google’s Android. It is believed that the users are unknowingly installing the malicious content through downloading unapproved apps according to AFTVnews report. The Worm is a reincarnation of ADB.Miner which lodges itself onto Fire TV devices posing as a “Test” app with “com.google.time.timer” package name. It uses the processing capacity of the device to mine cryptocurrencies and infects other Android devices connected to the same local network.

As the devices is exposed to the worm, its performance slows down dramatically. And some users even reported seeing the Android Robot icon appear, accompanied by the word “Test” showing up right before the device crashes and switches off.

Users are advised to check their device application list for the “Test” app.

If the device is infected, recommended solution is to have a Factory Reset. Detailed step-by-step guide regarding the removal of the malware can be found on AFTNews site.

The company adds that it is very important to download only the trusted applications with a verified origins.

By Nadya Astam

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