Coinbase Index Fund Live in U.S.
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A Leading U.S. cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase has announced on its blog the launch of a cryptocurrency index fund for accredited investors from America. Earlier in March, Coinbase has revealed their plan to start an index fund which tracks the top four cryptocurrencies available on their platform at that time.

Why it is important

    1. Increase in investor interest in cryptocurrencies means the growth of market liquidity; Also suggesting that the principles regulating cryptocurrencies could be expected to change in the near future. 1. Coinbase intends to obtain banking and brokerage licenses, which may limit its ability to work with individual investors.

The company said that it faced "overwhelming" demand from investors and launches a tool for those who want to invest from $250 thousand to $20 million. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has explained how the new fund can be beneficial for investors in a tweet.

Also in March Coinbase revealed their plans to create a slightly scaled down version of the fund that will be “available to all investors and cover a broader range of digital assets.”

Previously Coinbase was trading only Bitcoin (Bitcoin) , Ethereum (ETH/USD), Litecoin (LTC/USD) and Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin.Cash) . Yesterday company has announced the start of listing of Ethereum Classic (BITFINEX: ETC / USD.BITFINEX). Against the background of news, the price of cryptocurrency has sharply increased.

“...the fund will be rebalanced to include Ethereum Classic, and more assets when they are listed by Coinbase in the future.” - Coinbase has promised.

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