Coinrail Hack Investigated by Police
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South Korean police launch an investigation into the hacking of Coinrail. That happened after 7th largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea and 99th worldwide has reported losing more than $37 million worth altcoins on Sunday.

The exchange platform has said on its webpage that around 70% of investors Tokens remain safe and have been moved over to a cold wallet which is not accessible through the internet for safety reasons.

Coinrail isn’t disclosing the full list of stolen tokens, only confirming that Pundi X Token (NPXS), Aston Token (ATC), and NPER Token (NPER) were affected.

“Two-thirds of coins have now been frozen - that include NPXS, ATC, NPER. The remaining one-third of coins are being investigated with the help of police, relevant exchanges and coin developers.” - Coinrail stated.

Coinrail web page is currently suspended with the official reasoning that it’s down for “system maintenance”.

Meanwhile, Pundi X’s team has announced on its blog page that it will halt all transactions of their NPXS token following the attack. Company will also cooperate with Coinrail and police in their investigation.

As the news spread that the Korean crypto exchange has suffered a heist, the market seemed to have responded negatively, likely adding to the downward trend witnessed during the past week. Currently all but two currencies out of top-100 are trading in the red zone.

By Nadya Astam

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