Blockchain Power for LGBT Token
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June 11, 2018
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An idea of a “LGBT Token” which would have the potential to “unlock the global spending power of the lucrative sector” is currently being developed by the LGBT Foundation alongside OST technology.

Christof Wittig, a CEO of LGBT social media company Hornet Networks explained how the project would be lucrative since according to research, LGBT community has a $4,6 trillion economic potential.

“...great way to access and measure the power of the Pink Dollar...This is the next big thing coming in e-commerce for the LGBT community.” Wittig said.

The token is planned to become a payment method but could also act as a decentralized platform for LGBT community to protect their identities. Token owners would also be able to use services designed for the preferences of the LGBT community as well as allocating funds on charitable LGBT causes.

Hornet Networks backed this project with it’s 25 million of gay community members around the globe.

By Nadya Astam


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