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6 June

Fujitsu, Japan based leading IT company, has launched a Blockchain Asset Service, which will tokenize coupons and stamps from shops or tourist sites, according to their press release.

Sales of the service started in Japan today.

Почему это важно

  1. Attracting customers to stores or events. Service can be linked to a promotion, event, location, or site which will offer benefits, prizes, discounts, etc. for users.
  2. More efficient marketing. Sales strategies can be developed based on user behavior data after an analysis of the transactions recorded on the blockchain.

First users will scan QR codes located on specific areas and receive digital points or stamps. Then users can exchange them to digital coupons or other features which can be used in stores and malls. All this transactions are recorded on a blockchain distributed ledger, which later can be used for analyzing user information.

Japanese Firm Unveils Technology for Blockchain Interconnectivity

Earlier in March Fujitsu introduced an innovative system for verifying smart contracts.

By Nadya Astam

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