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6 June

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange opened trading for Nexus (NXS) starting today, the company has announced it on its official twitter page.

Nexus now trades alongside with bitcoin (Bitcoin), ethereum (ETH/USD) and Binance Coin.

Against the backdrop of this news, Nexus jumped by 19% in 5 minutes: at 03:49 (GMT+1), the cryptocurrency was trading at $2.69, and at 03:54 (GMT+1) it had risen to $3.2. However, by 6:46 (GMT+1), the cost of NXS dropped below its morning indicators to $ 2.38.

In Coinmarketcap’s rating, Nexus currently closes the top-100 with capitalization of $137 million.

Nexus is a decentralized, open source cryptocurrency that allows users to perform quick payments. NXS’s genesis block was produced in September 2014.

By Nadya Astam

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