Asian Crypto Knowledge Centers Gain Popularity
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May 31, 2018
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Thailand, South Korea and Japan are providing seminars, courses and learning centers for new cryptocurrency investors, reported today.

In South Korea:

  • Decenter University launched an introductory course on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, focusing on the origins and working principles of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The course analyzes key blockchain-based projects and “global government and financial industry visions and trends towards the blockchain.”
  • Koscom, a major IT service provider, announced a crypto-related training course for its employees, the Korean Stock Exchange (KRX) and brokerage firms.

In Thailand:

  • The Thai Fintech Association initiated F13 in order to accelerate the fintech industry’s development and provide a testing ground for up-and-coming fintech projects. F13 is a sandbox for fintech startups to test and validate their products and services with real customers.

In Japan:

  • Bitcoin no Madoguchi recently started offering information on cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges, and the latest news in the space.
  • Zero Base in Osaka launched Bit Station, an educational center to assist new investors, or “those who cannot take the first step in virtual currency trading.” The store provides information about various cryptocurrencies, in addition to tax consultations and opening accounts on crypto exchanges.

By Nadya Astam

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