General Bytes Installs Ten New Bitcoin ATMs In Prague Subway
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General Bytes, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency ATM manufacturers, installed 10 new Bitcoin ATMs (BATM or BTM for short) throughout the Prague subway, raising the total number of ATMs in the country to 46.

The company provided a detailed map and description of each location on its website.

General Bytes Installs Ten New Bitcoin ATMs In Prague Subway

General Bytes is the world's second biggest cryptocurrency ATM manufacturer - as of April, the firm has sold more than 1500 units globally.

This video shows how to get your Bitcoin card from the Bitcoin ATM and use it to pay

The Czech Republic continues to maintain a cautious approach to digital currencies. While the government hasn’t yet attempted to regulate or categorize cryptocurrencies, a potential storm may be brewing among tax authorities - it is likely that they will be classified as personal property, meaning that profit from crypto transactions may become taxable.

As of today, there are 46 cryptocurrency ATMs in the Czech Republic, with 34 located in Prague alone. The highest number of such ATMs - 1965 - is in the U.S. Approximately 76 percent of global ATMs are concentrated in North America.

By Nadya Astam

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