IBM To Create 1800 Jobs For French Tech Specialists
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Technology giant IBM (NYSE: IBM) has announced that the company plans to employ 1800 specialists from France within the next couple of years, Le Monde reported yesterday.

Why it is important

  1. IBM is one of the most active IT companies investing in new technologies. In March last year, IBM launched a Hyperledger Fabric service for IBM Blockchain.
  2. While the company doesn’t yet have its own Ethereum platform, it has shown active interest in cryptocurrencies and partnered with blockchain start-up Stellar.

The new employees will form a research group, which, according to IBM CEO Ginny Rometti, will focus at “AI, blockchain, and the Internet of Things”. The decision appears to be part of the company’s vision of making “France a center of excellence dedicated to artificial intelligence". A 2017 Juniper Research study showed that 60% of executives consider IBM to be the market leader for blockchain solutions. At the moment, IBM employs around 380 000 people around the world.

By Nadya Astam

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