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Tari protocol is a new development of Monero specialists. The platform allows “anyone to program complex rules for digital assets and trust that they will be enforced”, according to the website.

Riccardo Spagni, lead maintainer of the Monero cryptocurrency, will participate in the creation of Tari. The project website also noted that the new protocol will support "nearly any kind of digital asset you can imagine " and is capable of processing "many thousands of transactions per second.”

According to the developers, Tari will focus on tokens that contain information about ownership rights such as loyalty points or virtual goods:

“We chose to focus specifically on digital assets – things like tickets, loyalty points, in-game items, and crypto-native assets like CryptoKitties – because we see a huge opportunity to revolutionize the way these assets are owned, managed, and transferred,” - noted in Tari’s blog.

Developers said that they chose Monero because they “care deeply about decentralization, are passionate believers in the ideology that drives the Monero community.”

According to the blog, Tari's creators see their goal as changing the experience of owning, managing and transferring digital assets. As an example, they cite familiar patterns to to acquire the digital assets that “millions of us” use every day.

By Ekaterina Ulyanova

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