Top American Cities For Cryptocurrency Jobs
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Crypto Fund Research conducted a study and released their findings on the top American cities for blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs.

Representatives of the Fund believe that previous attempts to come up with a similar rating were unsuccessful, since they relied on simply counting the number vacancy reports and internet job postings.

“We set off on a months-long mission to put together the most exhaustive and comprehensive ranking of the best US cities for blockchain jobs. (…) We utilized a data-driven approach consisting of an analysis of five key indicators of the overall health of blockchain job markets in more than 300 cities across the US,” - the Crypto Fund Research website said.

Top American Cities For Cryptocurrency Jobs

How were cities evaluated?

  • By examining over 3 million job listings across four sites and isolated blockchain-specific jobs
  • The number of top blockchain startups
  • The number of new blockchain companies in the last 120 days
  • The number of crypto funds
  • The status of the overall employment market.

Such a detailed analysis leads to a much more thorough and holistic analysis of the current climate for blockchain jobs in each city in the US, according to the Fund.

Who is the winner?

Top American Cities For Cryptocurrency Jobs

There are no surprises at the top of the rating. San Francisco is in the first spot. There are significantly fewer job postings than in New York, which is second in the ranking but is first in terms of top blockchain companies, blockchain startups, and crypto/blockchain investment funds. San Francisco is home to top blockchain companies: Coinbase, Ripple, CoinTracker, Harbor, Tezos.

New York ended up second for blockchain jobs by a narrow margin, with small changes to weightings that could have put it in the lead. The city had more than twice as many blockchain job postings as any other city, only behind San Francisco in terms of top blockchain companies and blockchain funds.

Those two, along with Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston round out the top five unsurprisingly. Some may find Austin, Atlanta, Denver, Portland and Nashville a bit unexpected to make the list.

The full survey is available here.

Earlier RewardExpert analyzed search traffic and geographical data to find out which US states are most interested in cryptocurrencies. Researchers parsed Google Trends traffic for five keywords: “cryptocurrency”, “Bitcoin”, “Ethereum”, “Ripple”, and “Litecoin” to determine the states most interested in cryptocurrencies. They also used GIS data containing the locations of all known establishments that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, as well as Bitcoin ATMs to find states where customers can use cryptocurrencies for purchases and other transactions.

By Ekaterina Ulyanova

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