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15 May

Samourai Wallet and goTenna are creating a new Android app called txTenna to use mesh networking for Bitcoin transactions, Bitcoin Magazine reported yesterday.

goTenna is known for producing hardware to facilitate communication through mesh networks - next-generation off-grid communication technologies that bypass service providers and cell towers. txTenna will pair users’ phones to goTenna’s portable antennas and broadcast transactions.

Mesh networks are used for an alternative way of communication and transferring data, which can not be monitored or controlled by any ISP. Local mesh networks are popping up all over the globe - from New York’s NYC Mesh, based on rooftop antennas at local data center, to Spain’s Guifi, which covers large parts of the country.

“We believe one of the most fundamental value propositions that bitcoin provides is censorship resistance,” said Samourai Wallet’s CEO. “The freedom to transact freely and without permission is not a freedom to take lightly, or give up without a fight. We saw the open internet transform into a walled garden, captured by regulatory and corporate interest working together — and largely aided by red-herrings like ‘net-neutrality.’ The tools we are building arm the little guy — the individual — with the tools they need to level the playing field against the inevitable overstepping of bounds by hostile actors, oppressive regimes and overzealous governments.”

By Nadya Astam

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