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Andrea Iervolino, a Hollywood producer, is introducing a new blockchain-based platform TaTaTu, Venturebeat reports. It is a combination of social media and entertainment. Users will be rewarded for “being entertained” with gaming, watching sports or movies and there are additional gifts to be collected if their friends are watching as well.

“We need the blockchain to create a unique token that is universal and can be used as a rewarding system for our community of users. We want to create an ecosystem based on trust and fairness embodied by the principle of the blockchain community,” Iervolino said.

This technology lets TaTaTu place each transaction on an open distributed ledger, which, in turn, will assure that users and content providers are rewarded for watching and viewing. In a nutshell, it stimulates content consumption by offering users digital tokens for views they and their friends generate.

Anyway, it’s not the only reason for using blocktech.

“The DRM (digital rights management) is built on the blockchain to ensure film rights do not get lost,” producer said. “There are many examples of studios being bought, going bust, and rights getting lost.”

TaTaTu will not limit its content to videos and movies only, it will also expand into covering sports, games on demand and, of course, music.

“We are looking to announce a couple of very big partnerships with some of the world’s highest-quality content providers,” claimed Mr. Iervolino.

TaTaTu platform will be initially launched without social media capabilities. The full version, scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2019, will incorporate all the features announced.

By Anastasia Bugaychenko

Source: Venturebeat

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