Hot Trend in Job Offers - Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are Conquering the Market
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5 May

Cryptocurrency news digital magazine CoinDesk creates its online “Career Center” with various types of job opportunities in the crypto industry. According to Jacob Donnelly, director of marketing, it is not that easy to find a proper “blockchain talent” these days. What is more, these skills are absolutely on a high demand on UpWork, a fleelance database, which also claims that “blockchain” job offers has recently went to the moon 6,000 %, considering the fact that not long ago “bitcoin” skills were fast developing and growing on the market.

Bitcoin draw everyone’s attention a year ago and there is an outburst of activity around the crypto industry because of its unusual and exciting nature: thanks to application of blockchain technology, which creates a secure record of transactions between two parties, there is no need for an intermediary anymore to complete the operations. It has been widely tested already by big corporations, like Microsoft, and start-ups as well, which already declared a high percentage of revenue connected with the usage of blockchain system.

The Vice president at placement firm “Challenger, Gray and Christmas” thinks that it is still lack of specialist in this area.

"If you enter the crypto start-up space and gain some experience in the underlying blockchain technology, it will serve you really well. It's an industry that requires a certain amount of expertise, and that's a rare commodity."

Even crypto industry is still relatively small, it could bring gains either to big corporations with years of experience on the market or small start-ups, still trying to adapt themselves to the worlds realities. Still plenty of companies leave their previous activity to work in blockchain-based systems but according to David Gadd, director at tech recruiting firm Proxime Solutions, “although nobody wants to seem the first company to come out with the blockchain project, they have a team ready to go sitting on the bench".

By Anastasia Bugaychenko

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