Blockchain Boost Rendering VR
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LosAngeles, CA based cloud graphic technology company OTOY implemented blockchain technology to their new rendering platform RNDR

RNDR will use the power of distributed network of idle GPU's to perform graphic processes faster. This will provide easier rendering and streaming of VR (Virtual Reality) for everyone.

There are inspiring names among the ranks of RNDR advisory board, like J.J. Abrams - Hollywood director, Brendan Eich - Founder of Brave and Basic Attention Token, Ari Emanuel - Talent Agent as well as top management of Blockchain developers zeppelin_os and Decentraland.

VR and AR (Augmented Reality) are drawing growing attention at the same time driving demand for graphics processors needed to produce very complex scenes. With its decentralized and open structure company aims to provide everyone with high-performance graphic rendering capabilities.

Ethereum blockchain powered RNDR is now in alpha testing andits release is scheduled later in 2018.

Creating the next generation of smart contract-powered economies and an open decentralized Metaverse is the shared vision that brought OTOY, Decentraland and Zeppelin_os together as partners.

By Nadya Astam

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