Russia Blocks Scores of Mining Pools’ IP Addresses
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Millions of IP addresses, including those of popular cryptocurrency mining pools, have been blocked in Russia as a result of Russia’s telecommunications watchdog Roskomnadzor’s attempts to shut down Telegram messaging service.

In particular, ViaBTC (47.​91.​67.​143; 47.​91.​65.​84; 47.​91.​67.​131), Antpool (35.​177.​197.​177; 35.​162.​7.​117), BTC.​com (47.​91.​65.​135) and Bitcoin.​com (47.​91.​65.​155) became unreachable in Russia, according to Is It Blocked In Russia service.

Some of these addresses were blocked in accordance with watchdog’s 27−31−2018/Ид2971−18 decision made on 16.04.2018, and others with 27−31−2015/Ид4082−15 decision made on 04.12.2015.

Earlier, Roskomnadzor published a new version of the by-law regulating the fight against block bypass, including through VPN service and IP anonymizers.

According to this document, court decision on the case of an administrative offence is also considered a basis for adding a site to the blacklist.

On April 16, the watchdog started to block hundreds of thousands IP-addresses that could be used by Telegram. 16 million IP addresses from Google and Amazon hosting providers appeared in the list, leading to other service failures.

By Jade Olafson

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