Monero 13% up on Fourth Birthday
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Monero (XMR/USD) is turning four today, with a price of above $220. Monero (then Bitmonero) was launched as a fork of Bytecoin in 2014, and joined the cryptocurrency boom in 2016 and 2017.

Monero is currently valued at $225,07, up almost 13,43%, with a generous market cap of $3 588 398 446.

Monero has made some major gains in the last week, driven mainly by the positive momentum in the entire market at the moment.

In the last 2 days, Monero has seen trading volumes surge from around $54 million to the current volumes of over $164 million, according to

The price of Monero has seen a 1,487% growth since 2017. Its peak came on January 7, 2018, when the price topped $495,84.

By Jade Olafson

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