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A class action lawsuit has been filed against the team behind the Nano (XRB) cryptocurrency. Plaintiffs are seeking a court-ordered hard fork of a cryptocurrency.

The lawsuit filed by Silver Miller law firm on behalf of investors accuses the team of “recklessly directed investors to open accounts and place their assets with a little known, and severely troubled, Italian cryptocurrency exchange called BitGrail, where $170 million of the investors’ XRB allegedly “disappeared” in February 2018.”

The lawsuit pleads that the Court rescind the plaintiff class’ investments in XRB and require Nano to “rescue fork” the allegedly missing XRB into a new cryptocurrency in a manner that would fairly compensate the class of victims.

The action is being brought by Alex Brola through the law firm. The complaint notes that, of the over 130 million XRB tokens that were generated, the defendants withheld millions, if not tens of millions for themselves.

It is asserted that the defendants promoted the use of and assisted customers in getting accounts at the BitGrail exchange, where the XRB/BTC trading pair resulted in over 80 percent of their trading volume.

By Siranush Ghazanchyan

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