Foxconn to Launch the First Blockchain Smartphone
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5 April

First blockchain phone from Sirin Labs will be developed and produced in a partnership with Foxconn International Holdin.

According to startup Sirin Lab statement, it has chosen Foxconn International Holding to manufacture the Finney smartphone.

Sirin Labs is scheduled to release a phone based on the blockchain technology - including its own OS called Sirin OS in the 2nd half of 2018.

Foxconn is the world's largest contract electronics manufacturer. They manufacture devices for Apple, Motorola, Amazon and other companies.

Sirin Labs was founded in 2013 by the managing partner of the Israeli venture fund Moshe Hoegeg and the entrepreneur from Kazakhstan Kenes Rakishev. The company develops secure mobile devices.

The price of the phone is set at the equivalent of $999, payable in SRN — a utility token issued by the Sirin Labs. The phone will have a 5.5 display, 64GB internal storage, 6GB RAM, 12MP Main camera and 13MP selfie camera.

Finney will handle all coin-related services in a part of the phone that’s activated by a physical switch. Instead of keying in a complex address and private key, Sirin said users may eventually verify their identities with an iris scan, a fingerprint, and a simple password.

By Ksenia Batanova

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