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April 3, 2018
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Ethereum (ETH/USD) founder Vitalik Buterin has called self-proclaimed Bitcoin (Bitcoin) creator Craig Wright a ‘fraud."

"Given that he makes so many non-sequiturs and mistakes, why is this fraud allowed to speak at this conference?" Buterin said to event organizers at the Deconomy conference in South Korea on Tuesday.

Members of the audience applauded him after asking the question.

A video of the event has been circulating on social media, and has already garnered over 85,000 views at press time.

Wright himself reacted to the situation on Twitter, by implying Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin.Cash) – the cryptocurrency he supports as the ‘real Bitcoin’ - will render Ethereum useless.

Craig Wright claims to be the creator of Bitcoin. In May 2016, Wright published a blog post and spearheaded a media push including the BBC, Economist, and GQ, where he said he was in fact Satoshi Nakamoto.

By Jade Olafson

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