Bancor Launches Cryptocurrency Wallet
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Bancor, a Switzerland-based decentralised autonomous exchange that allows users to convert tokens to other tokens without the involvement of a counterparty, has announced the release of a new cryptocurrency wallet.

“With the Bancor Wallet, users can purchase, store and manage any ERC20 token and easily convert between any token on the Bancor Network,” the developers said in a blog post.

This means users will not need to send their cryptocurrencies to exchanges if they wish to acquire other forms of crypto-assets and can instead convert cryptocurrencies directly inside the Bancor Wallet. The wallet is not a native smartphone app, but is optimised for mobile use.

“All users need in order to join the Bancor Network is a Telegram, WeChat or Messenger account,” the company said.

Users can login to their Bancor profile and access their Bancor Wallet from any device using their password.

By Jade Olafson

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