Better than ICO: CryptoPicture Project started
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31 March

How to make an online ad not only effective, but also turn it into a reliable investment asset?

Today CryptoPicture starts a unique experiment with blockchain technology. Why is it so special?

CryptoPicture is the world's first blockchain-based advertising platform, where every pixel serves as a unique digital asset.

Any company or individual can purchase individual pixels on the platform for Ethereum (ETH/USD) to use it as advertising space. A typical ad on CryptoPicture features the company's logo or brand name and a link to a website.

But the purchased pixels aren't just some space to place your ad. The grid is directly linked to a blockchain platform, which turns any ad into a reliable investment asset guaranteed to grow in value. The more pixels are sold, the more their cost grows.

The first pixel was sold for 0.001 ETH, but now the price is 0,04202 ETH pixel, set to eventually increase to 1 ETH.

In other words, it's a win-win scenario: you buy pixels, place your ads and at the same time gain access to a reliable cryptocurrency asset.

Each transaction is regulated through smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. When all blocks are sold out, its total value will exceed 1,000,000 ETH.

During the pre-sale CryptoPicture raised more than 6000 ETH ($3 million) in one day. Today the project goes live, and you still have time to buy pixels at a low price and place your ad next to the big names.

It's not an ICO — it's way better, as CryptoPicture is poised to become a viviv image of the blockchain world.

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