Xiaomi Launches Blockchain Pet Game CryptoBunnies
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March 15, 2018
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Xiaomi, one of China’s biggest smartphone makers, has launched its own analogue of the popular game on the Ethereum (ETH/USD) blockсhain CryptoKitties, The Paper reported.

Dubbed Jiami Tu, (or CryptoBunnies), the service allows users with Xiaomi accounts to adopt digital rabbits with different designs and built-in scarcity on a blockchain system that stores the transactions for each adoption.

Each rabbit comes with a specific set of attributes and is recorded in the open and transparent blockchain. Once owned by the user, it cannot be copied, modified or destroyed by anyone, the company said.

Crypto rabbits and points cannot be be sold and any intermediate services are entirely banned. Otherwise, Xiaomi will immediately and unilaterally stop providing services to users.

China’s search giant Baidu rolled out a crypto dog service in early February.

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