#DECENTER CRYPTOEVENT: Moscow to Host Europe’s Largest Blockchain-Forum
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March 14, 2018

Moscow will host the #DECENTER CRYPTOEVENT international blockchain-forum and crypto-exhibition March 27-28. The event will take place at the "Expocenter" Central Exhibition Complex.

The forum will bring together more than 10,000 participants and tends to become the largest crypto event not only in Russia, but also Europe.

Thousands of blockchain specialists, miners, ICO managers, economists and cryptocurrency experts from 20 countries of the world will gather to get acquainted with the latest innovations and blockchain-projects, as well as listen to performances of acclaimed industry experts from Europe, US, Russia and other countries.

“The blockchain has long gone beyond the concept of “technology”. It is a separate branch of economy encompassing billions of dollars. Yet this industry has no boundaries, either financial, legal or geographic. Therefore, it needs to be studied not only on the level of a single country, but in cooperation with foreign colleagues. This is what the blockchain forum and crypto-exhibition will be dedicated to,” said Nikolai Volosenkov, CEO CryptoEvent.

Expert presentations will be held in three halls: “Investing in cryptocurrencies”, “ICO” and “Technology”. The presentations in the main hall will focus on investing in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and the right choice of strategies of investing. The second hall will be devoted to marketing and ICO. in the third hall IT professionals and startups will discuss blockchain-based innovative technological developments.

The international blockchain forum will feature more than 60 speakers: top managers of international companies, foreign crypto-experts, foreign developers, information security experts and others.

Representatives of the largest ICO-projects of Russia have confirmed their participation in the event:

  • Dmitry Marinichev (CEO of Russian Mining Coin, collected $43.2 million),
  • Igor Lebedev (CTO SOMN, $42 million during ICO),
  • Alexander Borodich (Universa Blockchain CEO, brought in ICO $28 million).

Other participants include:

  • Vladislav Kochetkov, Chairman of FINAM
  • Konstantin Goldstein , chief technical Evangelist, Microsoft
  • Pavel Novikov, Director of the Center for FinTech&Blockchain “SKOLKOVO”
  • Kateryna Kaminska, representative of the rating Agency ICObench
  • Roman Povolotsky, head of the “Cyber of Russia”
  • Anatoly Radchenko, co-founder uttoken.io
  • Alex Kursenko, IR consultant (North America Business Development Co)

The two-day event will b e accompanied by a crypto-exhibition, where more than 100 companies - cryptocurrency exchanges, investment funds, ICO projects, mining equipment providers, blockchain-platforms and others - will present their stands.

Co-organizer of the event is the DeCenter - the largest blockchain and cryptocurrency community in Russia, which includes more than 100,000 experts, developers, investors and enthusiasts.

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