Twitter Takes Action Against Cryptocurrency Scams
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9 March
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Twitter is starting to ban users who solicit cryptocurrencies and/or promote ICOs in their tweets, TechCrunch reported.

The company does not currently have a specific ad policy relating to cryptocurrency and ICO related ads, and allows ads that don’t violate the Twitter Advertising rules.

Twitter's founder, Jack Dorsey, said during a Periscope live stream that the company is looking for a way to verify the identity of every Twitter user.

The move comes after a number of recent scams involving cloned Twitter accounts aiming to promote ICOs and to dupe people into selling coins at lower values than they'd get on the open market.

“We’re going to be as open as we can. That’s going to be uncomfortable for us in many ways, but we want to be very open and very vulnerable with you all about what we’re facing and what our challenges are,” Dorsey said.

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