Chechen President Asks Islamic Scholars to Return Verdict on Bitcoin
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15 February
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The leader of Russia’s Chechen republic Ramzan Kadyrov has asked Islamic scholars to determine whether the use of Bitcoin is religiously permissible, Moscow Times reported.

“The council gathered by the Mufti of Chechnya Salakh-Haji Medjiyev has come to the conclusion that in order to pass a verdict on such a serious issue one needs to take into consideration the specifics of every given country,” the head of the Chechen Republic wrote on his Telegram channel.

“In cases when a cryptocurrency is posing a threat for the national politics, economy or finances we must declare it haram. At present, there are no grounds to declare it halal or haram in Russia,” Kadyrov added.

The Chechen President had earlier declared about his intention to buy some Bitcoin (Bitcoin) “to follow the development of the cryptocurrency.”

“So far I have not yet had time to do that, but I achieved my major objective, I drew the attention of Muslim clerics to the issue,” Kadyrov said.

Kadyrov also said that the ban on cryptocurrencies passed by Islamic scholars of Egypt and Palestine should not be applied to believers in other countries.

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