UNICEF Asks Gamers to Mine Ethereum for Syrian Children
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2 February
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In an effort to raise money for the children in war-torn Syria, UNICEF is asking gamers, eSports fans and anybody with powerful graphics cards in their computers for help in mining Ethereum (ETH/USD), The Next Web reported.

UNICEF has launched the Game Chaingers, Game Chaingers uses your graphics card's power to mine for cryptocurrency, which then goes straight to the organization’s account.

So far, the fund has raised 15 Euros, but the project will run for another 57 days. At present, the blockchainified mining rig operates at 167 MH/s. There are only eight contributors in total so far.

UNICEF says it created the project out of a need to find new donors, since most of its benefactors are already over 50.

Netizens who want to contribute to this initiative but lack the computing resources to do so can chip in with direct donations. UNICEF has posted the address of its Ethereum donation wallet on the official Game Chaingers website.

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