Dan Bilzerian Has Seen Quadruple Increase in Bitcoin Investment
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Nov. 23, 2017
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Dan Bilzerian, a popular social media celebrity and professional poker player, has seen a quadruple increase in his investment in Bitcoin (Bitcoin) that he made in May, Cryptocoins News reported.

Bilzerian purchased Bitcoin at $2,300, less than five months ago. Since then, the price of Bitcoin has increased from $2,300 to $8,200.

Combining the value of Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin.Cash), assuming that Bilzerian has not sold Bitcoin Cash he has been credited with, the value of Bilzerian’s i nvestment has increased by 4.2x, given that the price of Bitcoin Cash is around $1,500.

This week, Bilzerian stated, “damn all my crypto is killing it,” implying that he has invested in more cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin. The statement could mean Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, but it is likely that Bilzerian has invested in other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH/USD) back in April.

Despite period and instability, Bilzerian has held onto his Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment, reaffirming his belief that Bitcoin, as a robust store of value, will overtake traditional assets such as gold or the declining fiat currency system.

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