Gramatik Launches Own Cryptocurrency
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Nov. 22, 2017
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Electronic music producer and technological advocate Gramatik has raised the maximum amount of $2.48 million in under 24 hours during his GRMTK token sale in Zurich last week, where he became the first artist in history to ‘tokenise’ his intellectual property, the Broadway World reported.

“GRMTK isn’t just a cryptocurrency, it’s much more than that," Gramatik said in a press release.

"Now, my audience can share in my inspiration and success by also owning the rights and royalties of my music, and anything I create and distribute on my upcoming channel. If you hold 100 GRMTK tokens, then you own 100 tokens worth of the rights and royalties of the music and projects I create,” he added.

As Gramatik's music sales and royalty profits increase, so too does the value of your GRMTK "tokens." As more fans sign up to invest in GRMTK currency, profit shares level out in equal percentage values. It connects this community of like-minded individuals into a living ecosystem that benefits from Gramatik's commercial success.

“Embedded in the GRMTK token is not only the rights and royalties of my creations, but the ideals and philosophy of freedom and liberty for all artists, for all people," he says. "This is a movement of not only art, but of the mind and of the spirit.”

Now that the world has seen the fundraising potential of artist tokenization, Gramatik is confident that the world-beating stars and luminaries of the music world will have their interest piqued.

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