First Clean Energy-Based Mining Center to Open in Japan
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Nov. 7, 2017

The Tokyo-based Miner Garage Co., Ltd. will open the first clean energy-based mining center in the Japanese city of Kazuno, known for its renewable energy and low temperature in the wintertime, Bitcoin News reported.

“With the city’s help, and utilizing the city’s natural resources of clean energy, Miner Garage will open and operate the first clean energy based Japanese mining center in December 2017,” its president Takuya Omata stated. With such natural resources, the company believes that “mining in Japan is very possible and can compete with numerous foreign mining companies.”

At the mining center, 600 computers are to be installed at first, and they are expected to realize a mining business worth about 300 million yen per year by dealing with about 10 kinds of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin.

Miner Garage will create jobs locally and train blockchain engineers. The company is also currently negotiating with Tohoku Electric Power Co Inc regarding renewable energy procurement.

The government of Kazuno City has been inviting companies that run businesses by using renewable, energy-derived, clean electricity. The city has an abundance of renewable energy including geothermal, hydroelectric and wind powers, and its self-sufficiency rate of electricity exceeds 300%.

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