Samsung Turns Old Smartphones into Bitcoin Mining Rig
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Samsung (LSEIOB: SMSN) is working on a new project that will see old phones turned into a Bitcoin (Bitcoin) mining rig, Geeky Gadgets reported.

The first device made up of 40 Samsung Galaxy S5 phones was demonstrated at Samsung’s recent developer conference.

It has been notified by Samsung that only eight S5s can mine more efficiently than a computer with a power of Intel Core i7 2600.

“This innovative platform provides an environmentally responsible way for old Galaxy mobile devices to breathe new life, providing new possibilities and potential extended value for devices that might otherwise be forgotten in desk drawers or discarded,” Robin Shultz, a spokesperson for Samsung, said.

This Bitcoin Mining rig comes with a new operating system that Samsung designed specifically for the task in hand, mining Bitcoin.

Samsung has not given any specific details on exactly how this new Bitcoin rig works, although the company has said that it will release the software it used for the project and also the plans so other people can create a similar mining rig using old Samsung smartphones.

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