Trump budget to propose drastic cuts to programs for the poor
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US President Donald Trump will reportedly propose slashing spending by $3.15 trillion over the next ten years to balance the budget and reduce the trade deficit.

The proposals will be outlined in the budget to be released in Washington today while the president is in the Middle East as part of his first trip abroad.

The president has outlined a number of controversial measures to balance the budget reportedly including scaling back programs that help the poor such as slashing $800 billion from the Medicaid program, which provides healthcare for low-income families and individuals.

Trump plan promises to deliver 'biggest tax cuts' in US history
Trump plan promises to deliver 'biggest tax cuts' in US history

This could cut off Medicaid benefits to up to 10 million people over the next ten years, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Another proposal that seems to target the poor is the reported $192 billion reduction in spending on the food stamps program.

The budget will also propose givings states more power to attach work requirements to a number of social welfare programs such as Medicaid and public housing assistance, The Washington Post reports.

More than 1000 companies urge Congress not to axe Energy Star program
More than 1000 companies urge Congress not to axe Energy Star program

Another controversial element of the budget is the proposal for the US to sell of its emergency oil stockpile.

There are also some new spending measures. The Pentagon will receive a funding boost and money will be allocated to building the border wall with Mexico that was a key promise of Trump's campaign.

The budget also includes a $25 billion plan to provide parents with six weeks of paid leave after the birth or adoption of a child.

Trump outlines priorities in budget blueprint
Trump outlines priorities in budget blueprint

Infrastructure will also get a boost with $200 billion pledged to encourage state and local governments to increase spending on roads, bridges, airports.

Donald Trump has promised to deliver three percent growth but many economic commentators have said the goal is overly ambitious and will be very difficult to achieve.

The Washington Post

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