Russian billionaire's divorce costs him $582m
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A Russian billionaire has been ordered to pay his ex-wife more than $580 million in what could be the most expensive divorce in UK history.

The 61-year-old man, who has not been identified, was ordered by London High Court Justice Haddon-Cave, to give his 41-year-old ex-wife a 41.5 percent share of his $1.28 billion fortune.

The man is a former oil and gas trader who met his Eastern European wife in Moscow in 1989.

The pair were married and four years later moved to London.

The woman did not work but Mr Justice Haddon-Cave said she had been a housewife and mother to the couple's now grown-up sons.

He found that both parents had contributed equally to the welfare of the family while the husband had made a "special contribution" to the family's generation of wealth.

The woman was given jewellery worth more than $385,000 by her then-husband and enjoyed the unrestricted use of two credit cards as well as a helicopter, plane and yacht.

The couple's assets included property, an art collection worth more than $115 million and a $450,000 Aston Martin.

The ex-wife will receive the art collection and car as part of the payment.

It is difficult to say if the divorce is the most expensive in British history because many high-profile divorces are settled privately.

Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky's 2011 divorce from Galina Besharova reportedly cost him between $212 million and $283 million

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