Telsa solar roof tiles ready to pre-order
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Tesla (NASDAQ: Tesla [TSLA]) has begun taking orders for its solar roof tiles, CEO Elon Musk has announced.

Musk said the tiles were available in most countries in the world and will be ready for installation in the US this year and in other countries next year.

The solar panel tiles will cost will be priced at around $21.85 per square foot and come with a 30-year power generation guarantee.

Tesla claim that over time the cost of a solar roof will not be more than a conventional roof when taking into account the savings on electricity bills.

Musk told reporters yesterday that "a shocking amount of technology" had gone into the architecture of the tiles but declined to elaborate on the specifics.

"This is a connector that has to last for more than 30 years. It has to be weatherproof, heavy rain, snow, slush, salt, water leaking – it’s like connector hell."

Tesla's CTO JB Straubel said a lot of the unique technology had been developed borrowing techniques used in the manufacture of electric vehicles.

"Tesla is building all these tiles ourselves – we are not outsourcing it. We have been able to solve those more complex design problems and hit those price points that you see," he said

Tesla will release two styles of the glass tiles,"black glass smooth" and "textured" versions but plans to eventually release four.

The company will also sell "non-active:" tiles that do not generate power. Most customers are expected to opt for around 40 percent active tiles, which should reportedly be more than enough to power a typical home.


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