More than 1000 companies urge Congress not to axe Energy Star program
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More than 1000 companies including Samsung have called on Congress to keep the Energy Star rating system for electrical appliances that will be abolished under President Donald Trump's proposed budget cuts.

The 25-year-old program promotes energy efficiency by giving major appliances, office equipment, lighting and home electronics ratings based on how energy efficient they are.

The program would be axed as part of Mr Trump's proposed $2.6 billion budget cut to the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Fifty programs that cost $347 million a year would be eliminated, including the Energy Star program.

"I don't know who recommended shutting down this program to the president, but I can assure you it was bad advice that would hurt American businesses, consumers and our overall economy," said Kateri Callahan, president of the Alliance to Save Energy, which organised the letter.

"This letter demonstrates the enormous business support for a venerable public-private partnership and sends a clear directive to Washington: Keep the Energy Star program going and growing."

Trump outlines priorities in budget blueprint
Trump outlines priorities in budget blueprint

Some of the firms that have signed the letter calling for the program to be saved include LG Electronics USA, Panasonic Corp. of North America, Samsung Electronics America, Google-owned Nest thermostats, United Technologies Corp., Ingersoll Rand and Staples.

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