Billionaire Warren Buffett the face of Cherry Coke in China
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Actors, singers and sports stars usually lend their images to promotional campaigns but in a bizarre twist billionaire investor Warren Buffett has become the unlikely face of Cherry Coke in China.

The world's third richest man has been spotted drinking Cherry Coke a number of times over the years and he has also put his money where his mouth so often goes.

Buffett's investment firm Berkshire Hathaway is Coca-Cola's biggest shareholder, with nearly 10% of the shares.

So while it may seem odd to many that an octogenarian white billionaire is the public face of a soft drink in China, Coca Cola's CEO and chairman Muhtar Kent said he couldn't think of a better person to tout the product.

"I can't think of a better way to launch Cherry Coke than with its best-known fan on the package," he said Muhtar Kent.

The firm said Mr Buffett's investing prowess was "legendary" in China but even the company admitted it was a little "surprised" when the billionaire agreed to have his face on Coke cans and 500ml bottles.

Buffett is not being paid for sponsorship deal but with a net worth of almost $80 billion money was probably unlikely to sway his decision.

"I said it would be fine to do it for the first six months after launching the product," Buffett said he told Coke's CEO. "If there are no problems associated with this and he asks me to continue, I will likely say okay."


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