'Trump proposes $1 trillion infrastructure spend'
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The Trump administration will spend $1 trillion on infrastructure over 10 years, according to U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

Ms Chao said the ambitious plan will be "strategic" and "targeted" and "will cover more than transportation infrastructure, it will include energy, water and potentially broadband and veterans hospitals as well."

However, the secretary did not go into details about how the proposal would be funded, only saying that the government would not foot the entire bill and incentives would be provided for public-private partnerships.

Trump slumps 220 places in global rich list after $1b loss
Trump slumps 220 places in global rich list after $1b loss

There was also no date put on the project other than 2017.

Ms Chao added that the plan was still being developed.

Despite the lack of detail the statement was the clearest indication of how President Trump plans to follow through on his campaign pledge to modernise roads, bridges, airports, the electrical grid and water systems.

Ms Chao also said that the administration planned to fast-track the process through which government projects are approved.

Trump outlines priorities in budget blueprint
Trump outlines priorities in budget blueprint

Some commentators have questioned how Trump will achieve his infrastructure goals given that earlier this month he used his budget outline to propose a 13 percent cut to the Department of Transportation's discretionary budget.

The cuts would see a $499 million program that funds transport projects abolished.


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