Elon Musk shares drawing of farting unicorn to promote new Tesla feature
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Elon Musk has used a drawing of a farting unicorn to promote a new hidden feature in Tesla cars.

The CEO and founder of the electric car company tweeted a crude drawing of a unicorn farting under a rainbow alongside a doodle that appears to allude to the Mona Lisa.

In a second tweet Musk revealed that the drawing had been made with the "Tesla sketch pad [sic]".

Tencent buys stake in Tesla for $1.8b
Tencent buys stake in Tesla for $1.8b

The new feature is a digital sketchpad installed on the touch screen in Tesla cars.

Sketchpad comes with the latest update for Tesla's software and can be accessed by pressing the "T" on the centre screen three times, Musk said.

Tesla to power entire Hawaiian island
Tesla to power entire Hawaiian island

If the drawing Musk chose to promote the new feature looks familiar it's because he first shared it on Twitter last month.

But the multi-talented entrepreneur didn't come up with the design himself.

The farting unicorn drawing was borrowed from a mug that states "Electric cars are good for the environment because electricity comes from magic!"

Musk said the cup could be his "favourite mug ever".


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