Uber to pull out of Denmark over taxi law
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Uber will cease operating in Denmark to comply with the nation's new taxi laws, according to reports.

The ride-sharing firm made the announcement at a press conference in Copenhagen earlier today, local network TV2 reports.

Uber spokesman Kristian Agerbo said the new rules that require taxis to and hire cars to be fitted with seat occupancy sensors and meters were a move "in the wrong direction."

He said Uber would cease operating in Denmark on April 18.

Uber suspends driverless vehicle program after car crash
Uber suspends driverless vehicle program after car crash

Uber initially vowed to fight the changes that were first proposed in February but Mr Agerbo said with the rules settled the company must now face the consequences.

The decision will affect around 2000 Uber drivers and around 300,000 users, according to the company.

Danish authorities have accused Uber of running an illegal taxi service.

The firm is already banned from operating in a number of European cities.


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