Dubai to launch pilotless flying taxi service later this year
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The future is here! Well, almost.

And by here I mean Dubai. The latest news out of the oil rich Emirate is that it will offer taxi flights in pilotless drones from July, according to Dubai's Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

A fleet of electrically-powered Ehang 184s have been making test flights over the barren desert landscape and are now on the verge of taking passengers.

While the novelty of a flying taxi remains high technological limitations means that only one passenger will be able to fly at a time, assuming they do not weigh more than 100kg.

And they won't be able to go very far due to a maximum battery life of 30 minutes.

On the plus side the eight propeller aircraft will travel at speeds of up to 100km/h, which is probably quicker than most law-abiding taxi drivers will transport passengers.

The flight paths will be programmed by a ground control center through an encrypted 4G network which will monitor the flights' progress.

The program will go one step towards the RTA's goal of having driverless vehicles, including drones, make up to a quarter of journeys made in Dubai by 2030.


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