19 April 19 April
Bitcoin Fees Surpass Ethereum’s
16 April 16 April
OKX Launches an Ethereum Layer 2 Network
18 March 18 March
Activity on Solana Network Exceeds that of Ethereum
4 March 4 March
Bitcoin NFT Sales Surpass Ethereum’s
22 February 22 February
Coinbase Calls on SEC to Approve Grayscale's Ethereum ETF
21 February 21 February
CME to Launch Euro-denominated Micro Bitcoin and Ether Futures
16 February 16 February
Coin Metrics: Bitcoin and Ether Are Immune to 51% Attacks
13 February 13 February
Peter Thiel Bought $200M in Bitcoin and Ethereum Ahead of Rally
13 February 13 February
Franklin Templeton to Launch an Ethereum ETF
12 February 12 February
Gas Fees on Ethereum Network Hit an 8-month High
2 February 2 February
Hong Kong-based VSFG to File for an Ethereum ETF
31 January 31 January
Standard Chartered: Ethereum ETFs Will Be Approved in May
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