20 October 20 October
German Neobank N26 Starts Trading Crypto
19 October 19 October
The European Commission Could Ban Crypto Mining in the EU
17 October 17 October
Gemini's Cameron Winklevoss Steps Down as Gemini Europe Director
6 October 6 October
The EU Approves the MiCA Draft Law
29 September 29 September
The EU May Ban Cryptocurrency Transactions for Russian Users
20 September 20 September
Ukraine to Update its Law on Cryptocurrencies to Comply with EU Requirements
15 September 15 September
Changpeng Zhao Welcomes Bill on Crypto Regulation in the EU
1 September 1 September
Georgia Will Update its Crypto Regulation to Comply with EU Rules
14 March 14 March
EU Rejects Ban on PoW Cryptocurrencies
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