22 November 22 November
Bank of England Says DeFi Poses Risks

Bank of England Says DeFi Poses Risks

22 November 22 November
17 November 17 November
Paradigm's Huang Regrets Backing FTX

Paradigm's Huang Regrets Backing FTX

17 November 17 November
27 October 27 October
DeFi Liquidity Provider Team Finance Suffers $15.8 Exploit
24 October 24 October
QuickSwap Suffers $220K Flash Loan Attack
20 October 20 October
Hackers Steal More than $8M from DeFi Protocol Moola Market
10 October 10 October
Korean Investment Fund Fails to Repay $3.4M in BUSD Loan
7 October 7 October
MakerDAO to Invest $500M in US Bonds
6 October 6 October
DeFi Bitcoin Lending Protocol Sovryn Suffers $1.1M Exploit
5 October 5 October
Crypto Market Lost Almost $430M in Q3 Alone, Says Immunefi
4 October 4 October
Paradigm Joins Exponential's $14M Funding Round
27 September 27 September
QuadrigaCX Co-Founder Launches a DeFi Protocol
26 September 26 September
Rewards Platform for Finding Vulnerabilities Immunefi Raises $24M
15 September 15 September
Compound Unveils a Lending Service for Institutions
8 September 8 September
Hacker Steals 370,000 USDC from DeFi Project Nereus Finance
7 September 7 September
DeFi Protocol Sushi Integrates Boba Network
5 September 5 September
Fed: DeFi Sector is a Potential Threat to Financial Stability
2 September 2 September
dYdX Introduces New KYC Verification, Faces Criticism
2 September 2 September
DeFi Exchange KyberSwap Suffers Frontend Attack
1 September 1 September
Babylon Finance Fails to Revert Negative Momentum, Closes Platform
31 August 31 August
Failed Update Causes DeFi Project OptiFi to Lose $661,000
23 August 23 August
AMM Protocol SudoRare Goes Dark With 519 ETH
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