8 December 8 December
Blockstream Lowers Valuation to Raise New Funds
7 December 7 December
Hedge Fund Sues Grayscale Over GBTC Shares
25 November 25 November
MakerDAO to Remove Alameda-linked renBTC from DAI Reserves
23 November 23 November
El Salvador's President Dispatches Bitcoin Bond Bill to Lawmakers
23 November 23 November
NY Governor Signs 2-Year Ban on Bitcoin Mining
22 November 22 November
Durbin, Warren, Smith Slam Fidelity Again Over Bitcoin Plan for 401k
22 November 22 November
Investors Increase Their Investment in BTC Bearish Funds
18 November 18 November
Glassnode: Bitcoin Hodlers' Paper Losses Exceed 30%
17 November 17 November
Canadian Bitcoin Exchange Bitvo Ends Deal with FTX
15 November 15 November
CoinShares: Crypto Funds Record Highest Inflows Since August
15 November 15 November
El Salvador's President Says FTX is the Opposite of Bitcoin
7 November 7 November
DOJ Seizes Over $3B in Bitcoin Affiliated with Silk Road
2 November 2 November
Crypto Exchange Deribit Suffers $28M Hacker Attack
31 October 31 October
Argo Blockchain Failed to Raise $27M from Strategic Investor
27 October 27 October
Bitcoin's Largest Publicly Traded Miner Warns It May Go Bust
26 October 26 October
Analyst: Bitcoin Will Reach $30,000 in November
25 October 25 October
Public Miners' Share of Bitcoin Hashrate Reaches 25%
24 October 24 October
DOJ Charges Chinese Intelligence Officers for Crypto Bribe
20 October 20 October
Bitcoin Energy Consumption Rises 41% in One Year
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